IDEA Interviews and Covid-19

IDEA Interviews and Covid-19

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Contact restrictions other regulation also affect the IDEA project. The health and safety of IDEA interviewees and interviewers is important to us.

We thus recommend that preliminary talks for oral history interviews are held either by phone or online as video conferences. The Biographical questionnaire can also be handled by phone or online.

There are three options for the actual interviews that you will record for IDEA:

  • If the contemporary witness and interviewer already know each other well and feel comfortable with an online interview, then the interview can be conducted virtually as a video conference. If you decide to do so, the narrator should record the interview on her own smartphone.

  • If an interview should take place in person, the narrator and interviewer should both feel happy about it and definitely follow the corona regulations (practice social distancing, wear mouth and nose masks, air the room, wash hands etc.).

  • If the witness or interviewer belong to a risk group or feel uncomfortable about an actual meeting or a video conference, the best option for you and for IDEA is patience. The interview then can take place once the corona situation allows it.

The IDEA team is ready to offer assistance at any time.

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